About David Pearl

David Pearl is an artist, musician, educator, and mentor. He is an old soul with fresh ideas.  David is a  drummer  and pianist in Philadelphia who has played with a variety of artists across the country. He  studied music performance at the University of the Arts and has a Bachelors Degree in psychology from Temple University. David  continued his  education in clinical and counseling psychology at postgraduate level. With a background in special education, behavioral health and Music Education, David  understands that each student has a unique learning process and learning style and should be taught accordingly.

David  began his piano studies at age five and continued to  expand his musical craftsmanship as he started playing drums at age twelve. As a professional musician David strives to regularly strengthen his  relationship to himself and his  connection to others through  music. David  sees  music as a personal meditation  and an ongoing  communal activity that brings people together through healthy communication and collaboration. In order to reach these goals, he    stresses the importance of  mastery of  the instrument in order  to articulate  musical ideas clearly. Additionally, he values the virtue of sharing his original music with the world in  order to enrich and inspire other to create and collaborate and to ultimately unite people.

With over twenty years of teaching experience , David understands  that the art of teaching constantly clarifies  and reinforces  his knowledge  and awareness of music. Every time he teaches  a student a concept in music, he attempts   to explain the concept in a variety of ways depending on the student’s learning style, which consequently helps him to clarify his overall understanding of musicianship.



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